How can I find a specific product on this website?
We have built an online database with a search option, enabling you to simply and quickly find your products:

Within a product group
On the left side of our product page, you can simply select your product within a product group. You then see all products we supply within a product group.

Product Search
We have more ways to find the product you need. First there is the product search on the right side of every product page where you can search by name. Then there is the filter option within every products page. Click on “Filter Products” to filter your product page in your desired options. The page will then load every single product which fits your desired specifications!

Can I find all Novio Packaging products on your website?
Our website only offers a selection of our complete product range. We offer thousands of packaging solutions, operating in basically any market: from personal care and pharmacy to food and beverages. Should you have difficulty finding your packaging, call or e-mail our Customer Service team: +31 (0) 24 3442360, or

Do you also have packaging for my product?
We can solve any packaging question, even if we do not stock a specific kind of packaging. We gladly help you select the best option. Because we are part of a larger group of companies specialising in innovative packaging solutions, our products range well beyond what you see on our website. Please feel free to contact our Customer Service team. With their years of experience, they can offer excellent advice and help you find the perfect solution. Call +31 (0) 24 3442360, or send an e-mail to

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