COVID-19: Measures & Precautions Novio Packaging

Work from home

Most of our colleagues work from home. Only vital departments to keep the business running are working from the office. The departments working from the office will be working in multiple shifts. The max occupancy will be 30%.

No incoming and no outgoing visits

We don’t allow anyone other than our employees to enter at our office. Also visits to other parties are denied. Therefore travelling is denied.

Digital meetings

All meetings will be done digitally. All meetings that were scheduled have been re-scheduled or canceled. No face-to-face meeting will happen anymore.

Warehouse will be open

The warehouse at the headquearters will be open for shipment/delivery but drivers aren’t allowed to enter the warehouse. For the warehouse additional measures have been taken such as: mouthpieces, and clean your hands once in an hour. Also colleagues in the warehouse aren’t allowed to get in touch with colleagues physically.

Extra cleansing

For the colleagues that are in the office, the office will be extra cleaned during the whole day instead of the end of the day.

Personal advisory

We expect our colleagues to act responsible in personal environment. Therefore going to the gym, events, public meetings or using public transpot is not an option.


Extra hygiene measures have been taken. On this page below you can find the precautions. Also extra soap has been made available.


We are taking all necessary precautions and are following the indications received by the government authorities, constantly monitoring the evolution,

No new employees

No new employees will be hired until further notice.

What will you notice?

Extra motivation

Although you know us as a highly motivated company giving you the best service level possible. In this situation we are united more than ever and determined to do all the extra necessary to get things done.

Phone ringing a little bit longer

Since a lot of our colleagues will be working from home we ask you to be a little bit more patient when calling to the office. It could be the that the phone rings a little bit longer than you expect from us. In this case just try again a few minutes later or send us an email. We have forwarded phones to colleagues working from home so every colleague will be available by phone.

Normal email activity

Email activity will be used as normal. Everyone in our organization will be available by email. Email will be our main way of communicating. You will get the same service just like your used to by email.

High quality sourcing network

We understand that there are questions regarding our products. As mentioned before we will do everything to keep the business running as usual. We will continu the production of our products. We have a tremendous sourcing network where our products can be delivered from multiple suppliers. Because of our knowledge and expertise we are able to offer alternative solutions in 99% of the cases. Your packaging solutions are in safe hands with us.

Hygiene precautions

Wash your hands

Wash your hands often during the day, especially after using the toilet, (every 2 hours)

Shower daily

Take a shower daily, changing clothes before going to the workplace

Don’t touch

Do not touch your face, eyes, nose, mouth,

Shake hands

Do not shake hands / embrace in greeting


Do not sneeze in the face of others


Bring the mouth to the crease of your elbow in case of coughing or sneezing

2 Meters

Keep at least 2 meters distance, away from each other (social distancing: increased, before it was 1 meter).


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