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HDPE wide mouth jars

HDPE wide mouth jars with or without a tamper evident neck finish are available at Novio. The jars are suitable for many industries and can be customized, based on the wishes and needs for your company. Interested in more information? We are happy to assist you when you get in touch.

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Whether you are looking for HDPE wide mouth jars with or without a tamper evident neck finish, we offer a wide product range for both. You easily filter on different product specifications, such as:

  • Neck finish
  • Weight (g)
  • Label height (mm)
  • Size (ml)

Many products made of HDPE

Due to our broad experience, we can offer many products made of HDPE, besides wide mouth jars. A few examples are a pharma line packer, roundpacker b-line, savers, postal packs and powershot bottles. Select the desired product category on our website and use one of our filters to find the best possible solution.

Request a quotation

When you request a quotation for our HDPE jars or one of our other products, we advise to send us an email. Important information for a suitable quotation are details such as the desired color, the filling product and quantity per order or per year. For more information or questions, you can also reach us via +31 (0) 24 344 2360.

HDPE wide mouth jars

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