On June 14, the Novio Packaging Group B.V. will be taking over Haal Verpakkingen B.V. Haal director Eric Haal will remain with Novio Packaging for the coming period.

At the end of April, Novio Packaging Group merged with Scandinavian Packaging A/G. The international packaging business based in Wijchen is now set to take over Haal Verpakkingen based in Zeewolde. As explained by Novio director Erik Trum, “By bringing Haal Verpakkingen on board, we will be taking over a trusted business, with additional knowledge particularly in the field of cosmetic packaging. This ties in excellently with the Oosterbeek product range within Novio Packaging Group.” The takeover will also expand the already growing network of purchasing and distribution channels of Novio Packaging Group. Novio director Marck Jansen: “This acquisition will help further expand our market share, and this volume expansion and combined knowledge will enable us to further improve service to our customers.”

To Wijchen
As from September 1, the activities of Haal Verpakkingen will be integrated in Wijchen. In the words of Eric Haal, “I am delighted with this step towards a further successful future. Novio Packaging Group is a strong international player on the market, and we have known each other for years. This takeover will deliver a real boost to the already solid basis of Haal Verpakkingen.”

About Novio Packaging Group
The internationally operating Novio Packaging Group B.V., consisting of the packaging distribution companies Oosterbeek Packaging B.V.,
Alpha Packaging International B.V., Maer Flexibles B.V., Maer Hong Kong Ltd., FehnPolycap GmbH, and recent partner Scandinavian Packaging A/G, has been active since 1978 as distributors of primary packaging and packaging solutions for a variety of markets (from pharmaceuticals and cosmetics through to the food and domestic non-food industry). From head offices in Wijchen, the staff are focused from A to Z on the needs of their customers, offering advice, innovative solutions and excellent service, all backed up by maximum attention for the company-client relationship. With the sound knowledge of sustainability issues, solid IT and reliable logistics, in combination with a broad network in Europe and Asia, the company has achieved continued growth since 2000 expanding from 5 to the current 60 staff.

About Haal Verpakkingen B.V.
Since 1998, Haal Verpakkingen B.V. have been specialists in
primary packaging on the international market for personal care, both for private labels and A brands. From offices in Zeewolde, the company supplies packaging in plastic and glass, caps, pumps, tubes, pots and lids, in particular for the cosmetic industry. The company is run by Eric and Cissy Haal. Haal Verpakkingen will be taken over by Novio Packaging Group on June 14, 2018, and will be relocating to Wijchen on September 1, 2018.