Sustainable Packaging

Novio Packaging is able to offer a range of different materials to meet increased demand for environmentally-responsive products. These include:

  • PCR (Post Consumer Regrind)
  • PIR (Post Industrial Regrind)
  • Biodegradable Products
  • PLA (Polylactic Acid)

PCR (Post Consumer Regrind)

  • PCR is plastic products that have been recycled, which means they have been reprocessed to be re-used in new manufacturing
  • PCR conserves energy and non-renewable resources as recycling replaces the need for primary extraction and the manufacture of new plastics
  • Novio Packaging offers a range of PCR material for use in the production of plastic bottles and jars at levels of between 25% – 100% in PET and HDPE
  • PCR tubes are available for use with PE starting at 25% PCR material
  • PCR labels are also available which are 100% recyclable and give the same high performance levels as non-recycled labels

PIR (Post Industrial Regrind)

  • PIR is material waste recovered from industrial processes
  • PIR PP is available which is a 50/50 blend of Homo and Copolymer
  • PIR SAN is also available from Novio’s own plastic waste stream
  • These are used in the production of caps and jars


  • Novio Packaging has successfully trialled a biodegradable product for use in blowmoulded HDPE bottles, PP bottles, jars and moulded caps and Polyethylene tubes
  • An oxo-biodegradable blend it works by breaking down polymer chains to make them brittle. This ensures polymers degrade in a similar was to other compostable materials
  • It looks like normal plastic product and has the same properties until placed within a landfill compostable environment
  • Novio Packaging can therefore offer plastic components which degrade in approximately 5 years instead of hundreds of years for standard polymers – 100% biodegradable labels are also available
  • This offers a positive environmental benefit where products are unlikely to be recycled

PLA (Polylactic Acid)

  • PLA is a compostable polymer derived from renewable sources such as corn starch
  • Novio Packaging has trialled PLA in various manufacturing processes and the results to date have been promising although there are some limitations on what can be produced
  • Novio Packaging would be happy to develop this further in partnership with a customer – please contact our Sales Team to discuss


Printing adds very little gram weight to the product. In addition label materials are sometimes inconsistent with the bottle which can hinder recycling.