PET Modern Round 4oz/125ml with 24-400 neck finish


Modern Rounds are ideal for liquid pharmaceuticals and supplements, and a variety of neck finishes accommodate pumps, droppers and sprayers. Our 1-ounce style features straight sides, while the 4-, 8-, 16- and 32-ounce styles all have indented label panels. The indented label panel area gives added protection to the label on retail shelves.

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Multiple colours


Size (ml)

Overflow (ml)

Neck finish

Height (mm)

Diameter (mm)

Label Height (mm)

Weight (g)

Pallet specs


Pallet Quantity


Pallet Dimensions (cm)

100 x 120 x 210

Pallet Weight (kg)


Packaging specs




Dimensions (cm)

60 x 40 x 60

Weight (kg)


Other products in this category

NameMaterialSize (ml)Overflow (ml)Neck finishHeight (mm)Diameter (mm)Label Height (mm)Weight (g)
PET Modern Round 1oz/30ml with 20-SP neck finishPET303520-SP7430438
PET Modern Round 4oz/125ml with 24-400 neck finishPET12513524-400110466615
PET Modern Round 4oz/125ml with 24-410 neck finishPET12513524-410110466615
PET Modern Round 4oz/125ml with 24-415 neck finishPET12513524-415119466614
PET Modern Round 8oz/250ml with 24-400 neck finishPET25026124-400139578226
PET Modern Round 8oz/250ml with 24-410 neck finishPET25026124-410138578226
PET Modern Round 8oz/250ml with 24-415 neck finishPET25026524-415148578225
PET Modern Round 16oz/500ml with 28-400 neck finishPET50051028-4001727110737
PET Modern Round 16oz/500ml with 28-410 neck finishPET50051128-4101747110737
PET Modern Round 32oz/1000ml with 28-410 neck finishPET1000106028-4102189113750
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