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NameMaterialSize (ml)Overflow (ml)Neck finishHeight (mm)Diameter (mm)Label Height (mm)Weight (g)
PET Spice Jar Rectangle 300ml with 63-400 neck finishPET30036163-400115796729
PET Spice Jar Rectangle 500ml with 63-400 neck finishPET50056063-400145598729
PET Spice Jar Rectangle 700ml with 63-400 neck finishPET70076363-4001597812993
PET Spice Jar Rectangle 1000ml with 63-400 neck finishPET1000-63-4001798710844
PET Spice Jar 230ml with 63-400 neck finishPET23026263-40089693721
PET Spice Jar 330ml with 63-400 neck finishPET33035363-400120696729
PET Spice Jar 500ml with 63-400 neck finishPET50053963-400138797929
PET Spice Jar 1000ml with 63-400 neck finishPET1000-63-4002008912045
PET Spice Jar 175ml - 17gr with 38-400 neck finishPET17518638-400135486817
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