One of the main markets we offer our services in is the sports nutrition market. Because leading an active life is getting more and more important, the number of fitness, gyms and health centres are increasing. This positively impacts the demand for sports nutrition products. Protein powders, creatine, tablets and (vitamin) capsules are very popular. And it is not only the athletes who use sports nutrition. Today’s consumers increasingly pay attention to maintaining a healthy lifestyle in combination with a healthy diet. Because of that, the sports nutrition market is growing. Many new brands are making their entrance. That is why your product must stand out.

Within the sports nutrition market, you see a lot of different colours and sizes of famous products like canisters and petpackers. At Novio we are delighted to support you making a good quality packaging choice. For example, we can help you create a new colour you haven’t seen on the shelves yet. To stand out even more you can also personalize the closure. Match the colour with the canister, choose a different colour or put your logo on the closure.

Sports nutrition


Below you find a couple of our projects. Because of our wide assortment we can offer a lot of different choices. You can choose a standard product, personalized product or a fully customized product. If you want more information about the possibilities for your sports nutrition product, please check our possibilities page or contact us: +31 (0) 24 344 2360


It is possible you don’t know exactly what you want. To help you get started you can find our bestsellers in the sports nutrition market below. These products are products from our standard assortment. We offer the products in different sizes and colours. So you will always find the right product. Click here to view our standard assortment.


We are not only supplier of packaging. We are your total packaging solution partner. Because of our wide experience within the packaging industry we can help you reach your goals by packaging. We divide our solutions into three different kinds. Firstly, we have a very wide standard assortment. This assortment is perfect when you want a standard packaging solution to fill your product with. Within this standard assortment there are already a lot of possibilities like different colours, sizes and materials.

Secondly, when the standard assortment doesn’t suit you well, you can always choose a more personalized product. Personalizing a standard product to your needs can be done by, for example choosing a unique colour or embossing your logo or brand name into a bottle or cap.

Thirdly, you can also choose a fully customized solution. Within the full-customization process everything is possible. Creating new shapes, usages or technical solutions are one of the many things we are specialized in.

Would you like to know more about these different kinds of packaging solutions? Click on one of the segments below.


Sustainability is a very important topic. It is also a very difficult topic. That is why Novio is your partner in fact based sustainability practice. Because every project is different or unique we can’t offer you a simple sustainable solution. But we can help you get the most out of your product concerning sustainability.

“At Novio Packaging we believe in science based, circular packaging innovation and responsible use and disposal of all packaging materials. We support our customers in making sustainable packaging choices guided by Life Cycle Assessment(LCA) and compatibility with the existing recycling systems.

Novio – your partner in fact based sustainability”

Is sustainability an important topic to you as well? Let’s discuss your project together. Or find more information on our sustainability page