“At Novio Packaging we believe in science based, circular packaging innovation and responsible use and disposal of all packaging materials. We support our customers in making sustainable packaging choices guided by Life Cycle Assessment(LCA) and compatibility with the existing recycling systems.
Novio – your partner in fact based sustainability”

Template DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT For a circular approach the design of packaging can have a big impact. For instance:
- Reuse with refill possibilities
- Reduce with lighter and efficient packaging
- Recyclability, choosing colours that are better recyclable
MANUFACTURING Some materials are less environmentally friendly compared to others in terms of use of Water, energy and Co2 emission. FINISHING Use of labels, printing inks or other decorations on a packaging may influence the recyclability of the complete packaging. DISTRIBUTION & TRANSPORT Distribution and Transport are a factor in the environmental impact (LCA) of a product. Carbon food print is influenced by the distance or the type of transportation used. Consumer awareness and behaviour is essential to make the needed transition into a circular economy. Consumers need to understand how to use the product, how handle with their packaging waste and how to recycle in order to act accordingly. Packaging waste still has value if disposed correctly. RETAIL CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR RECYCLING In Europe the collection of recycling of materials is controlled locally. Some countries have higher recycling rates than others. This means that the local possibilities also have a big impact on the recyclability of the product.
Within the recycling industry developments for improvement are an ongoing topic. Examples are improved sorting options and further development of chemical recycling.
RAW MATERIALS Packaging can be made of various materials. Glass, metal, plastic or a combination of materials are all options. All have their own pros and cons in terms of sustainability. In case of plastic various options are possible. Like virgin, (partly) recycled resin and/or bio-based material. Return-collection and clear communication on disposal can stimulate more sustainable use of the packaging. DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT
- Shape
- Colour
- Weight
- Use of water
- CO2 Emission
- Energy consumption
- Label
- Printing
- Decorations
- Ways of transport
- Distance
- Efficiency
Emballage / Return-collection -
Communication on package disposal -
Ways of garbage disposal -
Use of product -
Knowledge sorting waste -
Increased shelflife -
Local policy -
New developments -
Chemical vs mechanical -
Recycled vs virgin -
Biobased vs fossil/petrochemic -
Good Environmental Practices -

Case: Rituals Refill Jar

Our customer Rituals wanted a more sustainable packaging solution for their body cream. Their current solution was a double wall jar with an aluminium cap and a liner in it. After some investigation we came up with a new refill jar solution. First of all we offered a single wall jar with a wooden cap. Hover over the field “Jar” below and you can see what kind of impact the replacement of just the jar has to the environment. Apart from just replacing the jar we came up with a refill system. This way customers will only have to buy the complete jar once. When the jar is empty the customers will only have to buy the inner refill jar. Therefore the cap and the outer jar are only bought once. Hovering of the field “Refill System” will give you an idea of how much impact this replacement has to the environment. On the image below you can hover over the text fields to get a better idea of the solution. The numbers are based on a quantity of 1 million pieces.

Template A double wall screw top display jar 01 pause insert_link An aluminium rigid lid 02 A single wall screw top display jar 01
A rigid wooden lid 02 An insert refill pot that sits within the display pot 03 An aluminium film seal lid, sealed to the pot 03 An aluminium film seal lid, sealed to the insert refill pot 04 The environmental impact decrease when using the new jar in place of the existing jar. Jar The environmental impact decrease when using the new jar with the refill system in place of the existing jar. Refill system Old jar New jar


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To Novio Packaging, sustainability is an extremely important issue. A good understanding of the environmental impact of our products is indispensable to this. Our collaboration with The LCA Centre enables us to further fine-tune our sustainability policy and puts us in an even better position to provide you with objective information about our products. Below you can read all about this collaboration.

As Novio Packaging, we want to offer our customers as much added value as possible. For this reason, we will always consider things from the perspective of your situation. We are in a position to give you the best advice, from a concept for your packaging all the way through to distribution.

“At Novio Packaging we believe in science based, circular packaging innovation and responsible use and disposal of all packaging materials. We support our customers in making sustainable packaging choices guided by Life Cycle Assessment(LCA) and compatibility with the existing recycling systems.
Novio – your partner in fact based sustainability”

Sustainable production

If you would like insight into the environmental impact of our packaging, then we can include this information in our recommendations. After all, we’re living in a world that cannot do without packaging, but at the same time Novio Packaging, just like you, would like to protect this world as best we can. So on the one hand, we look for solutions for you to make sure that we are producing our packaging as sustainably as possible, while on the other hand we look for opportunities to inform you more effectively and broadly about the implications that our packaging may have for the environment.

Objective analyses from The LCA Centre

To be able to achieve this, we have entered into a collaboration with The LCA Centre. The LCA Centre is the specialist that examines packaging and disposables closely, and analyses the consequences for the environment objectively and across an extremely broad spectrum. They do so based on their 150 years of experience in packaging and disposables, the raw materials required for these and the production processes used.

Life Cycle Assessment

The LCA Centre combines a thorough knowledge of various environmental sciences to arrive at its analyses. The analyses are done based on a life cycle assessment (LCA). This LCA method identifies and quantifies the extraction and consumption of raw materials, energy consumption, the waste produced and the emissions released into the environment during the entire lifecycle of a product.

Making responsible choices

The LCA Centre has developed special software that it uses to objectively compare the environmental impact of various packaging and disposables. This is very important because the analysis takes into account all the various aspects involved: from raw material extraction up to and including waste processing. For instance, a packaging type that may seem extremely eco-friendly at first sight – for example a certain kind of paper bag – may fall by the wayside in the LCA comparison because of the way it is made or distributed. So this comparison is a powerful tool for making responsible choices when it comes to your packaging.

Recommended by the European Commission

The fact that the method that The LCA Centre uses is currently the best way to determine the environmental impact of packaging and disposables is supported by the European Commission. They state as much literally in a report on ‘Integrated Product Policy’ (COM (2003) 302).

Novio Packagingis consequently very pleased about its collaboration with The LCA Centre. They can provide you and ourselves with the essential information we need about the impact of packaging on the environment. This enables us to make increasingly more sustainable choices together, to ensure that our beautiful planet is protected.

Do you have questions about our sustainability policy or about our collaboration with The LCA Centre? Then please do not hesitate to contact one of our packaging experts: +31 (0) 24 344 2360. They will be standing by to provide information and to help you make the right sustainable choices.

Visit for more information about The LCA Centre.